Junko Sodeyama

Junko Sodeyama

STOTT PILATES® Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist
Owner, Amrita Pilates
Senior Instructor, San Francisco Pilates

Born in Japan, Junko started her career as a movement educator at Nagano Ballet School as a jazz dance & children’s ballet teacher, upon graduating Shinshu University (B.A. in Japanese education). After moving to San Francisco and performing with local modern dance companies, her back injury led her to discover effectiveness of Pilates technique in rehabilitation process, as well as daily tune ups to keep her body strong and flexible.

Junko received full certification from STOTT PILATES® in 2002 under the tutelage of a master trainer Carla Hales. In 2003, she received a certification as an instructor trainer in Mat & Reformer from STOTT PILATES®, and taught certification courses in various Pilates studios and fitness clubs in Japan through 2008.

She continued on deepening her knowledge and skills by attending numerous Pilates workshops with special emphases on rehabilitation/post-rehabilitation, taught by leading master teachers in the field. She holds STOTT PILATES® Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist (includes post-breast cancer rehabilitation) status. She also attended Acupressure Institute in Berkley to understand human body from different angle.

Junko has been enjoying sharing her love of movement with her clients last 16 years, enjoying the process of assisting her clients to rediscover ease and confidence in their movement. She’s been working with clients with various condition, including spinal injuries, osteoporosis, scoliosis, upper or lower extremity injuries, pre / post natal, post surgeries, as well as dancers and athletes since 2000.